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March 2011

I’ll admit I am biased about my Louisiana fishing! I have lived most of my life in southern Louisiana and do so, in large part, for 2 main reasons. The first is my family. My entire family lives here and it seems no one ever leaves. But the 2nd big reason is access to the outdoors – namely the water (since I’m not a hunter). Last year, I was among the many locals who gave up on our prospects of enjoying the fishing we’ve come to love after watching the oil spill unfold on TV.

For nature lovers, the coastal region of Louisiana has a great deal to offer. One of the most popular trails for those who want to experience the unique ecosystems and creatures of this part of the world is the Creole Nature Trail located between Lake Charles and Sulfur. The trail is over 180 miles long and goes through thousands of acres of pristine wetlands near the Gulf of Mexico.

You can’t find anywhere in the country that is as good a place for bird watching as the Louisiana coast. Birding trails in our beautiful state are home to, or at least a destination along the migration path, for more than 400 different species of birds each and every year! With that fact in mind, we are bringing our focus to one bird each week to learn a little more about these feathered friends. This week, we examine the Blue-winged teal.

When you walk the birding trails throughout the coastal region of Louisiana, you may be surprised to know that you have the opportunity to see almost half of the species of birds that can be found in all of the United States. However, as many of these birds go unappreciated, we would like to focus on learning about one species each week. This week’s feathered friend will be the American White Pelican, one of the many birds you might see in Louisiana.

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