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Explore Cajun Country on an Airboat Swamp Tour

If you ever wanted to see the Cajun wetlands of the dense bayous, then the waterways in southern Louisiana are the highways that will take you right to it. It is easy to get up close and personal with many of the small fishing coastal communities that dot the landscape in Bayou country. A swamp tour will take you to areas that contain furry animals, alligators, dangerous snakes, turtles and dozens of different varieties of bird species.

During season (spring, summer and fall), the tour guide will likely find many alligators sunning out on the riverbanks attempting to warm themselves using the heat of the sun. Your tour boat will most likely make its way through tiny waterways with moss-draped cypress trees, thus providing plenty of opportunities for viewing wildlife and taking photographs.

Most tours in the swamplands are narrated by experienced natives and captains that have their own adventures concerning trapping, fishing and hunting in the bayou. Guests traveling in airboats will experience an education on swampland ecology along with the biodiversity of the animals, plant life and humans that all exist in this unique environment.

The Excitement of Airboats 
If you like quiet and slow, and airboat tour is not for you!  However, if you like the excitement of speeding across the water, make sure to include an airboat tour in your itinerary!

Although most companies offer bayou country touring experiences in a traditional flatboat, there is nothing quite like experiencing the wetlands and the bayou country in an airboat. The flat bottom boat with a high-speed power driven air fan can move across the shallowest waters into areas where other tourist simply cannot go, and is powered by the raw strength of an airplane propeller!

It is in the airboat that boaters can experience white ibis, snowy egrets, fish crows, spoonbills, great blue herons, common moorheads, barred owls, warblers, snowy egrets, red-shouldered hawks and the rare Carolina chickadee.

Exotic Wildlife
However, the huge collection of bird species is not the only thing the bayou has to offer. You will be able to witness some of the most spectacular and unusual scenery filled with Tupelo-gum trees, cypresses and enormous oaks. Expect to see a few snakes, turtles, and numerous alligators during the warmer times of the year. Every now and then, the tour guide will have access to a private alligator nest, filled with eggs.

Many of the wetland bayou country areas have not been touched by humans for decades. Even inhabited areas along the southern region of Louisiana will all offer a unique river tour experience of the pristine swamplands.

Entertainment and Education
Most swamp tours last for two hours or longer, and provide entertainment and education on the bayous of Cajun country. It is important to bring along quality sunscreen during the hot times of the year, and warm clothing when it is cold outside. It is essential not to forget the camera, as you will likely be seeing a unique environment, along with many species of animals living in their own habitat. You will likely experience exotic varieties of fauna and flora in a unique ecosystem that only exists along the Deep South coastlines of the United States.

Taking an exhilarating ride on an airboat is the easiest and most enjoyable way to experience the swamps of Louisiana, and the wildlife, including alligators, up close. Many of the expert guides will have years of experience and an ongoing love affair with Cajun country and the swamplands since they were young. Most of them will take the time to point out the rich natural wonders found deep within the bayou.

To enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences of a lifetime, it is important to plan ahead and schedule an airboat swamp tour. This is the quickest way to get face-to-face with many of the creatures that exist in the natural beauty of the local Cajun country bayous.

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