Explore Louisiana’s Creole Nature Trail

For nature lovers, the coastal region of Louisiana has a great deal to offer. One of the most popular trails for those who want to experience the unique ecosystems and creatures of this part of the world is the Creole Nature Trail located between Lake Charles and Sulfur. The trail is over 180 miles long and goes through thousands of acres of pristine wetlands near the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana’s Creole Nature Trail

Some of the highlights of this particular trail include:

  • This region is culturally and historically significant and has been inhabited by four different cultures: African, French, Spanish, and Native American.
  • Three wildlife refuges as well as a bird sanctuary along the trail
  • Includes many shorter walking trails as well as observation areas
  • Great restaurants with fresh, local seafood
  • A designated “All American Road” by the federal government

New GPS Ranger Technology

Additionally, visitors to the trails in this part of the state have the opportunity to enjoy a new technology that enhances their nature experience: GPS Rangers. These devices are about the size of a paperback novel and use Global Positioning ystem software to describe the surrounding environment.

The recorded tours cover four of the most popular hiking trails:

  1. Through Big Meadow
  2. To the top of Hawksbill Mountain
  3. Down to Dark Hallow Falls
  4. Along a one mile long portion of the Appalachian Trail

These great devices add another layer of enjoyment to any hiker’s experience of this beautiful environment, allowing you to get the most out of your visit.

Visit CreoleNatureTrail.org to learn more.