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Is that howling we hear? The Rougarou is coming!

Hooooowwwlll! It might sound like a werewolf to you, but in Cajun country, that howling you hear could just be a Rougarou creeping out of the swamps and coming after you! Part of our rich, Louisiana folklore, the Rougarou, with the body of a human and head of a wolf, is said to dwell in the swamps, striking out under cover of night to feast upon the blood of naughty children, wayward Catholics or just about anybody else whose behavior might leave them, shall we say, vulnerable? As Halloween creeps up on us all, what better time to get to know the loup garou as they are sometimes known 'round here. Folks in these parts believe that the Rougarou have close ties to witchcraft and voodoo, suggesting that the Rougarou might be afflicted with their lupine condition due to a tangle with the powerful forces of the dark arts. Eager to pass along their curse - and perhaps shed their affliction - the Rougarou emerges after dark and just might be looking to take a bite out of you!

No matter how they came to be, Rougarou mean Halloween thrills and chills for Louisiana Coast visitors and locals alike. But, like all of us, it would seem that the Rougarou might be a bit concerned about the sanctity of their swampy homes. Rougarou Fest, coming up on Saturday, October 25, in Houma, celebrates the legend of the Rougarou while shining a spotlight on conservation of endangered coastal wetlands. The spooky, family-friendly festival, complete with live music, artisan market and, of course, amazing Cajun cuisine, culminates in the Krewe Ga Rou Halloween Parade on Saturday evening featuring zombies, vampires, goblins, ghouls and a variety of the undead and, of course, the Rougarou!

With festivals like this one and many, many others taking place throughout the region, folklore galore and our always-spine-tingling, eerie, Voodoo vibe, autumn is a perfect time to drop in on the Louisiana Coast. You'll have so much fun, it's scary!

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