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Seventh Annual Louisiana Eagle Expo to be Hosted February 9-11

The Seventh Annual Louisiana Eagle Expo will be held on February 9-11 in Morgan City. The expo will feature a live raptor presentation, seminars hosted by wildlife and nature experts, boat tours and opportunities to meet other avid bird watchers.  

Tribute to the Bald Eagle

This event is a tribute that was put together to honor the endangered American Bald Eagle species that returned to Louisiana, thanks to better awareness of harmful pesticides and public awareness in general. With this new appreciation for the species, American Bald Eagles have been able to repopulate themselves and were removed from the endangered species list in June 2007.

In the St. Mary and Terrebonne Parishes alone, there are nearly 300 nests, and the Louisiana Eagle Expo will give bird enthusiasts the opportunity to explore this pristine wildlife!


Expo Events

The expo is held over three days and includes a range of activities and seminars by nature experts.  Starting the expo on February 9 will be a presentation by Save Our American Raptors (SOAR) from 6-7:30 pm in the Patterson Civic Center. During this presentation, you can expect to see several live raptors such as a falcon, hawk and black vulture. The following day, February 10, will include a photography workshop that prepares bird watchers for photographing their hobby with professionalism. Wildlife photographer C.C. Lockwood will be sharing tips and showing off his own works, including his highly anticipated Marsh Mission, which is his 11th book. You may also know C.C. Lockwood’s work from National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines. Boat tours are another highlight of the expo and begin on February 10. Tours will be at 11 am and 1-3 pm on Friday, and 9-11 am and 2:30-4 pm on Saturday. The boat tours will travel through:

  • the Atchafalaya Basin
  • Lake Verret
  • Turtle Bayou
  • Bayou Long

With over 170 bird species, as well as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and shellfish, you can be certain that you’ll see abundant wildlife on these boat tours.  

Bird Watching

Most exciting is that bird watchers hope to catch a bald eagle as some visitors have in the past. February 10 will wrap up with a dinner and presentation by Ann McCutchan, the author of River Music: An Atchafalyan Story. The dinner will be held at 6 pm at the Petroleum Club of Morgan City. On Sunday, February 11, you can take advantage of a variety of speakers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and LSU Museum of National Science. Some of the topics include learning how to identify a bald eagle, the status of bald eagles and information about other raptors in the state of Louisiana. For more information about the Louisiana Eagle Expo, visit www.cajuncoast.com. Image Source: visitsouth.com

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