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Hooooowwwlll! It might sound like a werewolf to you, but in Cajun country, that howling you hear could just be a Rougarou creeping out of the swamps and coming after you! Part of our rich, Louisiana folklore, the Rougarou, with the body of a human and head of a wolf, is said to dwell in the swamps, striking out under cover of night to feast upon the blood of naughty children, wayward Catholics or just about anybody else whose behavior might leave them, shall we say, vulnerable?

The 2014 Shrimp and Petroleum Festival - one of the most celebrated festivals in the Southern United States - is in full swing right now in Morgan City, with all the pageantry, live music, art, crafts and amazing food that you can fit into one weekend, but if you're missing this year's festivities, don't despair!

Insta-gator Ranch in Covington was just named to Travel + Leisure Magazine's list of the best places in the world to get up-close and personal with baby animals and it's no wonder!

From food to fun to family vacation to fishing, we've been talking a lot about why you should visit Louisiana's gorgeous coastal parishes, but why take our word for it? Alex Palmer, writing for the New York Daily News, travailed his way from New Orleans to Lake Charles and back again for an entire week, savoring the best culinary offerings from throughout the region and taking in the natural beauty of the coastline from Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes, through Vermillion and into Iberia and St.


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein

School is out, so we'll give you a rest on the math, but some equations are crucial to the success of your vacation. For example, 400 Miles of Coastline x Your Family = One Epic Summer. Louisiana's gorgeous coastline offers 400-miles of family-friendly adventure, fishing, exploration, dining and all-around fun, from Alligators to Zydeco. The 10 Parishes that make up our storied coastline each offer the kind of wild, outdoor experiences you just can't find anyplace else.

Located right at the very center of the Gulf Coast along the Louisiana coastline, St. Mary Parish is true Cajun country. It was back in the 1800s when the early French settlers were attracted to the rich fertile soil to plant and harvest sugar cane. However, this deep bayou country has also served well at providing the community with a rich source of fresh seafood sourced to all the local restaurants. Additionally, with easy accessibility to the deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico, much fresh shellfish and deep-water fish are also available.


Whether in from out-of-town, or looking to enjoy a local dining experience for the whole family, Jefferson Parish offers a variety of options. Many of these restaurants are ideal for the budget conscious individual, or those looking for family-friendly setting.


Lafourche Parish Offers a Southern Louisiana Cuisine Experience

Lafourche Parish is situated just a few miles south of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The parish offers a true Cajun dining experience rich in jambalaya, gumbo, red beans and rice, po’boy sandwiches, crawfish étouffée and pecan pie, along with red beans and rice. Recognized for its traditional Southern cuisine, the parish offers a variety of authentic restaurants at every level of eating, from casual to fine dining.


While many travelers often consider stopping in New Orleans or Baton Rouge to enjoy some of the more famous dining establishments in the state, Louisiana’s western coast offers its own diversity, traditions, spices, and white linen tablecloths dining establishments too. Aside from the numerous roadside eateries, there are many unrivaled eating establishments in Lake Charles that provide all the gastronomic satisfaction a food enthusiast is searching for.