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America's Wetland Birding Trail

America’s Wetland Birding Trails are the final stretch of birding trails in the states that border the Gulf of Mexico. The birding trails consist of four distinct trails that are home to an abundance of wildlife and birds native to the area. What makes these birding trails so exquisite is not just their location along the Gulf Coast, but the numerous stops along the way that bring the best birds to the area. With state preservation areas, national wildlife refuges, wildlife management areas, state historic sites and state parks, you’re bound to see some of the most beautiful birds in the world.

The Beauty of the America’s Wetland Birding Trails
The America’s Wetland Birding Trail includes 115 bird watching sites that spans across 22 parishes. Each trail is distinctly different, some with rolling hills and prairies while others have wet marshes and swamps. With the beauty and splendor of these birding trails, it may sound surprisingly to learn that the Mississippi River Delta is one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world. The wetlands are what enrich the River Delta, and experts are finding that the valuable landscape that exists on the coast of Louisiana is disappearing at a rate of 16 square miles each year.

Bringing Attention and Awareness to the Threatened Ecosystem
To help restore the coast of Louisiana, the America’s Wetland Foundation was established in 2002 to bring attention and awareness to the issue of land loss. This loss not only affects the region of Louisiana but the nation at large. Fortunately, these efforts have paid off, at least in terms of bringing positive attention to the coast. There have been new bird watching sites added throughout the years, and with tens of millions of people coming to watch the birds, it brings much public knowledge and awareness to the threatened Louisiana ecosystem.

Thankfully, it’s the old and active birding trails that bring in the most viewers, and Louisiana continues to carry the strong reputation of being one of the best places in the country to watch birds. You can find many popular species of birds, but it’s the unusual species that attract the most attention. These rarer species include birds like songbirds, raptors and water fowls. By visiting the America’s Wetland Birding Trail, you just never know what you’ll find with your own two eyes – and a pair of binoculars.

Here are the various stops that include the 22 parishes and 115 bird watching sites:

For more information on bird watching along the America’s Wetland Birding Trails, visit www.americaswetland.com.

Image Source: identifybirds.org

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