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Avery Island is Home to Tabasco and Wildlife

At its highest point, Louisiana's Avery Island is 152 feet above sea level. The island is actually a small hill located in the deltaic wetlands of the LA. Although small, Avery Island makes a strong presence in LA history and is known for being the home of Tabasco sauce. Beyond the hot and spicy is a serene wildlife that visitors can enjoy any time of the year.

Avery Island is 2200 acres and exists just beyond the little bridge that leads over the Bayou Petite Anse. Upon entering the island, visitors can smell the blend of spices and peppers that the Tabasco factory is known for. Making over 600,000 bottles a day, you'll surely be bombarded by the smell, which is strong enough to make your eyes water.

Visitors can tour the factory and learn about the man behind Tabasco sauce: E.A. McIlhenny. But there's more to Avery Island than the Tabasco factory: Wildlife.

Jungle Gardens provides a wonderful opportunity to see the wildlife that resides within LA, while observing these critters in their own environment. With woods, meadows and swamps, the area is a representation of LA as a whole. Ancient trees and Spanish moss line the areas and encourage visitors to get out of their cars and experience the surroundings firsthand.

Perhaps most exciting are the alligators that live in the bayous, with only their eyes and nose visible. As interesting as these creatures are, it's advised that visitors keep away, as alligators have been known to come after people when they feel threatened. In addition to the alligators, there is other wildlife to enjoy that includes rabbits, egrets and herons.

Among the flowers are azaleas, camellias and bamboo. And with the swamps and bayous, Avery Island is an excellent place to do a bit of fishing. Basically, it's LA wildlife in its natural form tucked away on a salt hill. If you're in the area, this is a sure place to stop.

Image: tabasco.com

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