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Bayou BBQ Bash "Morgan City Under the Bridge"

Morgan City Under the Bridge is set for Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14- located on Second and Everett Streets in Morgan City, Louisiana. This fun cooking competition is packed with activities for adults and kids to enjoy and, of course, is overwhelmed by the delightful aromas of barbecued foods. Cooking will begin on Friday and continue through Saturday morning. Anyone can participate, but only the best will win bragging rights, thanks to the competitive nature of the Bayou BBQ Bash. After all, Louisiana IS home to some of the best chefs in the world!

Bayou BBQ Bash Rules
The event is organized by St. Mary Parish, and the cooking contest follows the rules set forth by the International BBQ Cookers Association. No gas grills allowed for this cooking competition, either, and all meats are cooked on site. Competitors have the following categories to choose from:

  • Pork spare ribs       
  • Brisket      
  • Chicken

In addition to the BBQ Championship, there will also be a Corporate Cooking Team Throw Down and Business Cooking Team Challenge, allowing businesses in St. Mary Parish to compete for bragging rights. In order to win the Grand Championship prize, competitors must cook a meal from each of the three categories. Cooking teams pay a $50.00 entry fee for each meat cooked, or $125.00 for all three meats, plus one brisket.

Whether competitors are cooking spare ribs or a barbecue chicken, meats can be cooked through 12 pm on Saturday, when they then need to be turned it. After testing the dishes, there will be an awards ceremony hosted at 4:30 pm the same day, giving recognition to top dishes and then crowning the winner. For more information on the IBCA cooking rules, visit www.ibcabbq.org.

Cooking Competition Events 
Naturally, you can’t just come to a Louisiana festival and expect just one event at a time to be going on. Morgan City Under the Bridge will have a variety of activities for everyone to join in on, including:

  • Lirette Ford Car Show– 10 to 3 pm
  • Arts and Crafts Booth – 9 to 5 pm
  • Quilters Guild Booth – 9 to 3 pm
  • Live Music – 12 pm
  • Kids Barbecue Competition – 8 to 11 am      
  • 5K Run

Fun for Kids
The Kids-Q Contest is for kids 12 years old and younger and has kids cooking one of three meats: brisket, pork spareribs or chicken. Adults can help with the dangerous steps, otherwise kids must do the cooking. The Children’s Miracle Network Food Booth will also be serving brisket sandwiches from 11 to 3 pm on Saturday. Come out to St. Mary Parish and support this great event that directly benefits the parish and local community.

Image: stevendepol

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