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Blue Crab Catching in Louisiana

Blue Crabs: Another Enjoyable Pastime along the Coast
Catching blue crabs is a highly popular pastime of locals and visitors of the Louisiana coast. The shellfish can be found along the rivers, lakes and canals along coastal waters. Crab season follows the same path as shrimping season, with the peak months running from April through July. Each year is different, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries determines the opening and closing dates for the season.

Like any other type of recreational fishing, you must have a recreational fishing license to catch a blue crab. In fact, you must possess both a freshwater and saltwater fishing license so that you can catch blue crabs in both waters. There is no size limit for blue crabs, which is a breath of fresh air from the common restrictions placed on fish. However, there is a possession limit of 12 blue crabs per day per angler.

Catching Blue Crabs
When catching blue crab, many fishermen use crab traps to do their catching. These traps are shaped like small boxes and lined in wire and include a small bait box inside to lure in the crab. There are several restrictions to be aware of when catching blue crabs, and these regulations are set in place by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife Fisheries. First, the crab traps must be marked with a 6-inch floating line secured to the top of the trap. Second, the recreational crab trap gear license number should be attached and visible as well. Finally, no crab traps are allowed to be placed in a navigational channel or in public areas at night.

Blue Crabs: Sweet, Succulent and Healthy
Blue crab is known for its sweet flavor and meaty texture. It’s highly sought after and makes a great dish on its own or can be added to a variety of Cajun favorites like etouffee or gumbo. Blue crab is very versatile and can be blackened, broiled, fried, baked, steamed and sautéed. Even though blue crabs are synonymous with Louisiana fishing, these crabs are one of the most popular species of crab in the world. Not only is the meat especially flavorful, but since blue crabs remain alive until the moment of cooking, their meaty flesh retains the nutrients and flavor, making it healthier and lower in calories compared to other crab.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

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