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Eco-Tourism Opportunities along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast

The untouched natural environment of southern Louisiana offers some of the best opportunities for enjoying the eco-tourism experience. The rich land along the Delta is home to some of North America’s most phenomenal wildlife and vegetative plant life. Vacationers from all over the world visit this amazing area to enjoy a unique experience. From Cajun country, to the beautiful coastline, there are exciting eco-tourism opportunities along southern Louisiana.

Nearly every place in southern Louisiana has something to offer tourists. Home to dozens of natural refuges and state parks, Louisiana is rich in natural resources. By promoting eco-tourism opportunities, many out-of-state visitors and local residents are eager to enjoy the environment that is so unique to this part of the Deep South.

Single-Tank Vacations
With the cost of gasoline continually rising, many natives in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas are seeing the advantage of taking a single-tank vacation to enjoy the rich opportunities in the state. Louisiana has some of the most beautiful coastline available along the Gulf of Mexico. Many visitors arrive in southern Louisiana to enjoy deep-sea fishing, along with the beautiful pristine beaches and inlet waterways. Boating is plentiful throughout the entire state, but no more so than along the coastline of Louisiana.

The dense forests of many state parks offer unique hiking and biking opportunities. Many birders travel great distances to enjoy the huge variety of bird species that reside or migrate to the state parks and national refuges. The visiting bird watchers bring with them tourist dollars that are spent in the surrounding communities. The same is true of the campers and RV travelers setting up camp for days and weeks at a time.

One of the best ways to view our beautiful state is via the many scenic byways which connect one end of the state to the other.  Among the most popular scenic byways across the coastal areas of Louisiana are:

Click here to view a complete list of scenic byways along coastal Louisiana

Supporting Local Farmers and Merchants
For years, the southern communities along the Louisiana coastline have supported the farm-to-table eco-movement that helps source many of the ingredients required by local restaurant establishments and farmers markets. They provide many of the bountiful supplies of seafood and locally grown produce to the major cities in Louisiana.

Visitors to the area can enjoy these opportunities via the many farmers markets found along Louisiana’s coast.  Typically held on Saturday mornings, these farmers markets offer the best in local food, fresh produce and handmade crafts at great prices in a fun and social setting.

Most of the neighboring states have become exceedingly interested in the ongoing need to support many of the locally owned southern Louisiana businesses. By supporting the local seafood industry, every eco-tourist can do their part in enhancing the economies of many local communities. Eco-tourism is a great way to support the unique Cajun, Creole and French cultures.

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