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Finding the Best Eats in Lake Charles Louisiana

While many travelers often consider stopping in New Orleans or Baton Rouge to enjoy some of the more famous dining establishments in the state, Louisiana’s western coast offers its own diversity, traditions, spices, and white linen tablecloths dining establishments too. Aside from the numerous roadside eateries, there are many unrivaled eating establishments in Lake Charles that provide all the gastronomic satisfaction a food enthusiast is searching for.

While not as famous as their more well known counterparts in other parts of the state, Lake Charles offers many wonderful restaurants featuring the best in Cajun Cuisine along the western coast of the state. These include:

Harlequin Steaks and Seafood
In 1956, the Harlequin Steaks and Seafood Restaurant opened is one of Southwest Louisiana’s most highly regarded upscale restaurants. Offering the finest dining experience in Western Louisiana, they offer an extensive menu that includes traditional favorites such as red beans and rice (every Monday), along with Softshell Crabs, Porterhouse Steaks, Ahi Tuna, Red Snapper Filet, Rack of Lamb, Veal Chop, Crawfish Pasta Supreme, and Crawfish Etoufee.

Cousin’s Lebanese Cuisine
Along with their Hummus and Baba Ghanoush, Cousin’s Lebanese Cuisine in Lake Charles is known for their phenomenal Kafta Kebab, Shrimp Kebab, Tabouli and Marinated Ribeye. Located on Kirkman Street in Lake Charles, they offer an extensive high quality, delectable Lebanese menu, at more than reasonable prices.

La Truffe Sauvage
Serving American, Mediterranean and French food, La Truffe Sauvage is located on Bayou Pines Drive, in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This upscale fine dining establishment maintains a rich uncompromising menu that includes Natural Sea Scallop au Gratin, Duck Leg Confit, Lobster Ravioli and Jerusalem Artichoke, Stuffed Roasted Eggplant, along with Smoked Salmon entrées. La Truffe Sauvage offers their customers an extensive wine list filled with many top brand name reds and whites, available on their standard and reserve wine lists.

Pujo Street Café
Located on Ryan Street in Lake Charles, the Pujo Street Café offers both fusion and eclectic food choices at reasonable prices. For a different twist on traditional delicacies, their extensive menu begins with Chicken Satay appetizers along with Crab Cakes and Tuna Nachos. Everyday soup selections include Shrimp Bisque, along with Sausage and Chicken Gumbo. The dinner menu includes Chipotle Pepper Linguine, that offers a different take on chicken breasts with cream sauce. In addition, they offer Louisiana Shrimp Angel, with diced tomatoes and roasted garlic, and their Crab Meat Florentine with lump crab, and spinach topped with a delectable cream sauce.

Billideaux’s Cajun Kitchen
For a mouth watering barbecue treat, nothing can satisfy like Billideaux’s Cajun Kitchen, situated on Fruge Street in Lake Charles. Offering phenomenal gumbo and Louisiana Western Coast boudin sausage, the extensive menu does not disappoint.

The Cajun Café
The Cajun Café is located on Lawrence Street in downtown Lake Charles. Serving American and Louisiana Southern food, The Cajun Café is known for their fork-tender roast pork and baked to perfection chicken breasts. This down-home, comfort food restaurant serves as the epitome of traditional home-cooked Louisiana Western Coast cooking.

Whether it is spicy crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya, or the traditional boudin sausage, the restaurants of Southwest Louisiana are famous for their Creole and Cajun French cuisines. Many of the casual and upscale dining experiences along Louisiana’s western coast are crafted from the area’s harvested crawfish, and delicious Gulf Coast seafood, all seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Out-of-town visitors will often comment that the restaurants in Lake Charles and all along the Louisiana Western Coast offer some of the best dining experiences in the Deep South. The rich spices and fresh seafood provide high-end dining experiences prepared by first-class chefs.

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