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Grand Isle is "Sportsman's Paradise"

It's no secret why Grand Isle is referred to as "The Sportsman's Paradise". The area is the perfect place to travel and offers plenty of opportunity for fishing. Grand Isle can accommodate all types of fishing, including fishing off a pier, boat or bridge.

Grand Isle is a community that consists of both Grand Isle and Cheniere Caminada and is located in Jefferson Parish at the southern tip of Louisiana. The primary business for this area is tourism, the seafood industry and oilfield related jobs. It was originally inhabited in the 1700s and was a small community with only 1500 people.

During the summer months, many people would flock to the area for their vacations. This was because of all of the coastal activities, as well as Mardi Gras celebrations, migratory bird watching and fishing rodeos. This tourism has led to an increased population in Grand Isle, as well as the fun tourist location the community is known for.

Many avid fishermen come to Grand Isle and plan on fishing in the early morning hours on their own. There are a variety of marinas and bait shops where you can stop in and choose the bait of your choice. You can then head out to your favorite fishing spot, or choose to launch your personal boat from one of the marinas.

Of course, if you enjoy the high-life, there are plenty of charter boats as well. Enjoy being pampered with one of the many chartering services that will take you out to the very best fishing spots, while taking care of all your bait and tackle needs. Foods and beverages are also served.

If competitive fishing is more your style, Grand Isle is the best place to be! There are many rodeos to take part in, and each weekend, a new fishing competition is held at one of the marinas. Even if you have family and friends that don't enjoy fishing as much as you do, the rodeos are a great cause and anyone can purchase a ticket!

When you visit the Grand Isle, you can expect to catch such things as king mackerel, tarpon, tuna, marlin and redsnapper. So grab your fishing pole and head to the very best place to fish and vacation: Grand Isle!

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Image: city-data.com

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