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Great Places to Eat in Terrebonne Parish Louisiana

If you wanted to visit the southernmost part of Louisiana, Terrebonne Parish is it. As Louisiana’s second-largest parish, it was first established by early French settlers that gave the parish its name of Terrebonne (Good Earth) nearly 200 years ago.

Many of those early French settlers, often referred to as Acadians, arrived here as exiled colonists driven out of Nova Scotia. After running for a decade, seeking a new home, they finally chose to settle in the deep bayous and along the banks of the river waters in Terrebonne Parish. These Acadians often referred to themselves as Cajuns.

The waters in the area have always been rich in crab, shrimp, oysters and fish that have served well to enhance the commerce trade in the community, along with supplying many of the local restaurants. With such a rich source of seafood, along with fresh produce and meat from the local farms, it is no wonder that Terrebonne Parish has such fine dining.

Houma, Louisiana
Lagniappe’s on Agnes Street in Houma offers locals and out-of-town guests to a memorable dining experience. Using the freshest fish, locally sourced meats and produce, along with local blends of spices, Lagniappe’s offers a variety of seafood salad selections to the Houma community. Another local eating establishment, Bare Essentials Café offers phenomenal panini’s, along with local sandwich favorites and soups.

Cristiano Ristorante, on High Street, is fine dining at its best. From black truffle ravioli, to traditional osso buco, and a local favorite chargrilled oysters, the restaurant offers a wide array of classic favorites served every day of the week.

For down-home Cajun cooking, Boudreau and Thibodeau’s Seafood Restaurant has kept its doors open for the last 15 years. They provide the community with authentic Cajun-style cooking. Their extensive menu is prepared using high quality ingredients sourced from the local community. Appetizers include crawfish kickers, alligator bites, crab dip, boiled shrimp and crab fingers. They even offer fried dill pickles, a local favorite. From crawfish étouffée, to shrimp creole, and red snapper and soft shell crab entrées, this local restaurant is sure to please.

Casa Del Sol in Houma actually has two different restaurant locations in the city. The local Mexican favorite offers a variety of traditional Mexican delicacies including tamales, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, chili rellenos, chimichangas and tostadas. Their extensive menu takes full advantage of the local access to fresh caught seafood.

Cannata’s in downtown Houma is a local favorite. They offer a variety of luncheon specials every day, with an extensive lineup of favorites that include ribs, brisket, chicken, pork loin, rotisserie chicken and Boudin sausage. Their extensive daily specials range from home style roast beef, cabbage casserole, liver & onions, spaghetti & meatballs, shrimp jambalaya and spaghetti casserole. Offering good food to the community for well over 80 years, Cannata’s is a must stop when visiting the communities along the Louisiana coastline.

Chauvin, Louisiana
The restaurant Coco Marina Lighthouse on Pier 56 is a local favorite. They offer traditional Southern cooking, with ingredients that are obviously sourced from the local community. This includes freshly caught seafood.

With fresh deep-water fish and shellfish caught just steps away from many of the restaurants in Terrebonne Parish, or harvested out of the Bayou in the backwaters, the area is filled with quality freshly sourced seafood. The residents have maintained the recipes of their Cajun ancestors. The local restaurants offer the community all of these Cajun dishes seasoned to perfection.

To experience traditional Cajun cooking and enjoy Deep South hospitality, Terrebonne Parish is a must stop when visiting communities along the Louisiana coastline. Click here to read more about Louisiana’s coastal restaurants.

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