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Great Restaurants in Vermilion Parish Louisiana

Great Restaurants in Vermilion Parish Louisiana

When the primary language of 25 percent of the population in the parish is Cajun French, you know you can’t be too far away from good cooking. Vermilion Parish is situated in some of the richest marshlands that overflow from the Gulf of Mexico, making access to abundant fresh seafood only an arm’s length away.

In addition to that, Vermilion Parish, especially the small town of Abbeville, has been home to one of the largest sugar mills in the state. For 100 years or more, the local mill has produced cane syrup formulated out of natural sugar. The idyllic hunting grounds, wildlife refuges and farmlands offer a rich source of fresh ingredients to make Deep South Cajun and Creole cooking its best.

Local Crawfish and Seafood
Dupuy's Oyster Bar in downtown Abbeville has been serving salty, topless oysters and traditional Cajun dishes to the locals and out-of-town visitors alike. In addition to raw, fried and grilled oysters, they offer a variety of down-home dishes including seafood entrées and other local favorites. Additionally, the Riverfront Restaurant, on Park Avenue in Abbeville, also serves a fine array of Cajun meals. They also offer seafood enchiladas, crawfish étouffée and crab trinity that includes crab au gratin, stuffed crab and fried crab claws.

Just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana, World Famous SHUCKS the Louisiana Seafood House offers a variety of culinary delights including pan broiled shrimp, charbroiled oysters, gator bites, shrimp remoulade, seafood gumbo, creamy oyster stew, crawfish étouffée, and pan broiled or fried catfish. They are recognized for their famous crab cakes filled with Blue Point crab meat along with their crabmeat au gratin. Their sugar cane vinaigrette salad dressing pays homage to the local sugar cane fields.

Other Local Favorites
On Veterans Memorial Boulevard, in Abbeville, the local Mexican restaurant Azul Tequila has been keeping the locals happy for years. They offer authentic traditional Mexican food, including steaks and spicy seafood. Additionally, they have the best margaritas all throughout the parish, and offer live music on the weekends.

Suire's Restaurant and Grocery in Kaplan serves Cajun favorites to both residents and out-of-town visitors. Their variety of menu items feature po-boys, turtle sauce piquant, etouffees and more all using recipes handed down from generation to generation. Also in Kaplan, B’s Wild Wings has been serving barbecued seafood and burgers to visitors and local residents. Situated on Cushing Street, they offer a variety of American and seafood dishes.

Rich in Cajun culture, Vermillion Parish has long been recognized for its traditional dirty rice, po’boy sandwiches, Andouille and Boudin sausage, gumbos, étouffée and the freshest available seafood. Much of the seafood is captured in the local waters or just offshore of the Louisiana coastline.

There are over twenty traditional authentic Cajun restaurants throughout the parish with most of them thriving for over 20 years. Many of the local residents enjoy Dupuy’s Oyster Shop, the Riverfront Restaurant and other locally owned eateries in Cajun country. Also in Vermilion Parish, Hebert’s Specialty Meats lays claim to the original holiday favorite “Turducken”, where a turkey is stuffed with duck meat that has been stuffed with chicken meat.

For centuries, the natives of Vermilion Parish have carried on the traditions of Cajun and Creole cooking, and offered it to the masses in many of the fine local eating establishments. The ingredients offered are grown and harvested locally in many of the farmers’ fields, Bayou waters, or in the deep waters along the Louisiana coastline.

Vermilion Parish offers a variety of cuisine options including Asian infused dishes, Mexican specialties and traditional American favorites. However, Vermilion Parish has long been recognized for its cultural dining experiences from a variety of eclectic restaurants serving the finest traditional Louisiana dishes. Click here to read more about Louisiana’s coastal restaurants.

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