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How to Find the Best Fishing Guide for Your Trip

Finding the right fishing guide will play an integral role in the success of your fishing trip. There are many choices out there and this variety can make choosing a fishing guide more difficult. Fortunately, there are certain factors to look for to ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

Answers Questions
First, fishing guides should be able to answer your questions with confidence. They are the experts, so they should provide you with important information about the fishing location, the type of boats you will be fishing off and what types of fishing equipment will be provided. Of course, being able to answer questions is only the surface of what makes a great guide, but it’s a start.

There are many questions you should have prepared to ask your potential fishing guide, and this will help you get a feel for how compatible you are with the guide. The most basic questions include where you will be fishing, what types of fish you will be catching and what type of clothing you should wear. But there are other questions to ask that will influence the type of experience you will have. Inquire about whether or not you can fish from the shoreline or the boat, if you will be fishing actively on your own or with help from the guide and if you will be catching or releasing the fish.

Licensing, Insurance and Certification
Licensing and certification are factors to consider as well. Finding a fishing guide that has the necessary certification and insurance for safety and security will be a major asset to your fishing trip. It means that the fishing guide has the necessary experience, training and expertise in the field.

Consider guides who are members of the Louisiana Charter Boat Association. The Louisiana Charter Boat Association members are licensed and insured guides with the experience and resources to make your Louisiana fishing trip a success. LCBA guides know fishing condition forecasts and are familiar with the geography of the Louisiana coast, allowing them to bring you to the best fishing possible. When you work with a LCBA guide, you know you are getting a guide who will introduce you to the best of Louisiana fishing, and safely. You can search the LCBA site to find an associated guide.

Also consider that the fishing boats need to be in good condition and have the necessary safety equipment on board. The fishing equipment should be high quality as well. Many times the fishing guides that have the required licensing and insurance are confident enough to offer a guarantee such as ensuring that you will catch fish or your money back.

Knowledge and Experience
Finally, you should get a feel for the fishing guide by looking at their website or speaking with a representative. The website should be updated regularly to show that the fishing guide is actively taking people out on fishing trips. There should be representatives you can talk to directly and will help you in booking the best trip for your budget and lifestyle. The guides should be professional and well-known throughout the agency. The best guides are those that work full-time instead of just during the week. Being on the water every day is a huge advantage and enables fishing guides to book the best fishing trips possible.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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