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Louisiana Bike Festival, June 16, 2012

The Louisiana Bicycle Festival is being held June 16, 2012, the Saturday before Father’s Day. It’s the festival’s 12th year, and it celebrates the small town of Abita Springs that is home to plenty of bicyclists. Abita Springs doesn’t have any stoplights, as the one that existed years ago was replaced by a roundabout. Instead, the streets are lined in tall pines and oak trees, making them bicycle-friendly for kids and adults of all ages. And there’s no better time to enjoy a calming, relaxing bike ride than the day of the festival.

A Relaxed Environment
The Louisiana Bicycle Festival is a relaxed event, and the day begins when bicyclists show up around 8 am. The event was once sponsored by the UCM Museum, also known as the Abita Mystery House. Yet today, the festival is not officially sponsored by anyone and instead remains a good time for the people that come out and make the festival special. There are many volunteers that come out to help with the day, and if you arrive before 10 am, you may just happen to score a great bike deal.

The Bike Ride
The bicycle ride starts at 12:30 pm and winds through the beautiful historic district of Abita Springs for about a half hour. It’s a great time to see the small, quaint town of Abita Springs and enjoy a summer afternoon in June. Since the Louisiana Bicycle Festival is not officially sponsored by any particular organization, each year is different. Some years, volunteers from the festival purchase trophies for those who participate in the bike ride. Other years, there have been great prizes like bicycle books, tees, Schwinn and Huffy bikes and framed certificates.

Trade, Sell, Swap or Borrow Bikes
What’s most spectacular about this day is that all the bikes come out of the framework, similar to how car shows work. You can see some interesting bikes that have unique frames and details and come from all decades in history. The bikes can be viewed, and some owners may let others test them out, but it’s important to always be careful and respectful. You may even be able to purchase a new bike to add to your collection, and there is a convenient ATM located within walking distance. Nevertheless, it’s always best to come prepared. The Louisiana Bicycle Festival is simply the best place to trade, sell or swap bicycles.

Image Source: keetsa.com

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