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Louisiana Offers Some of the Best Bird Watching Opportunities in North

While many tourists make their way to Louisiana to enjoy the special sort of wildlife only found on Bourbon Street, the coastal areas of Louisiana offer a completely different type of wildlife enjoyed by many visitors to our great state!

Louisiana, and in particular coastal Louisiana, has often been recognized as one of the most desirable bird magnets for bird watchers around the world. Still rich with coastal marshes, dense woodlands and open prairies, the state of Louisiana offers extensive bird watching. Throughout the entire year, Louisiana will be home to permanent and migrating birds that represent well over one-half of all species living in North America.

The process of becoming an avid bird watcher does not require technical skills. With nothing more than an inexpensive pair of binoculars and a good pair of walking shoes, anyone can be a bird watcher. Even though it is hard to beat witnessing a Great Blue Heron feeding in the marshlands, or watching a Bald Eagle in flight, there are significant birding experiences that are being missed without binoculars.

Field Identification
Feasting your eyes on any beautiful bird is often enough to truly appreciate their unique beauty, and sounds. However, the only way to ensure that any new birder has the ability to understand the exact species of bird they are viewing, is to use a field identification guidebook. Even the most experienced birders will carry a handy field ID guidebook to instantly verify exactly what type of bird they are viewing. A detailed guidebook will help accelerate your bird watching learning process.

Where to Go
There is an extensive array of detailed bird watching maps that are available that provide both popular hot spots and hard-to-reach locations for beginner and experienced bird watchers. The great state of Louisiana serves as the ideal location for observing all types of wildlife, especially birds. With hundreds of preserves and natural refuges located throughout the state, birders can view hundreds of varieties of species in coastal marshes, bottomland forest, pine savannas, beach areas, cypress swamps, large estuaries, and even along the great Mississippi River.

Southwest Louisiana Bird Watching
For residential bird watchers, the spring migration is one of the most exciting events throughout the entire year. Throughout the spring, hundreds of varieties of colorful birds travel up from South and Central American birding habitats into the United States and upwards into Northern Canada just to breed.

Many of these migrating species take a break while flying over Louisiana just to rest and feed on the rich environment. Most of these tropical migrants arrive between late March and early May. Sometimes during unstable weather conditions, migrating birds will take a break and wait out the storms and strong winds in the rich dense habitats all throughout southwest Louisiana. While many only remain in these dense environments for a few hours, others stay for weeks at a time.

These migrating birds are in constant search of good natural shelter and rich food resources that are found along the coastlines, barrier islands and huge dense forests of southwest Louisiana.

Even the hotter days of summer provide amazing bird watching opportunities. Many varieties of birds enjoy the dense foliage in the bayous and woodlands. They stay for the rich food supply along the rivers, estuaries and the lakes throughout Louisiana.

For at least nine months out of every year, Louisiana serves as the prime location for bird watchers from around the world.

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