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Louisiana’s Motorcycle Riding Events, Runs & Rallies

Each year, Louisiana is the host of biker events all over the state. From the Uglyfest and Run with the Nuns biker events in September and October in Shreveport, down to the Son of the Beach Motorcycle Rally in August, in Eunice, Louisiana, the state is rich with motorcycle-oriented entertainment.

There are numerous charity events involving motorcycle clubs and groups that are held every year throughout the state. They offer the perfect opportunity for any motorcyclists, and his or her family, that wants to give back to their local community or state. Many of these charity rides offer a unique experience to meet visiting or local bikers, while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Even though motorcyclists often are labeled as being wild and disruptive, this is rarely the case. Many motorcyclists throughout Louisiana spend their downtime raising awareness on a variety of worthwhile causes, while raising significant funds for a variety of charities. Some of these events include:

The Great Southern Rally In the middle of May each year, the Great Southern rally biker event is held in Gonzales, Louisiana. It provides a stunt show, vendors, food, music, a poker run, and much more. This family-friendly event also offers on-site camping, and recreational vehicle hookups. Be sure and reserve your spot early.

The Mellon Run The Mellon Biker Run is held in July at Farmerville, Louisiana. As a classic poker run, this motorcycle event helps generate donations that benefit the local breast cancer awareness organizations. At approximately 100 miles in length, the Mellon Run offers prizes for first, second and third place through a drawing.

Uglyfest Held in the middle of September every year, in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Uglyfest biker event is host to a motorcycle contest, camping, live music, adult games, and vendors, along with a poker run and more. Additionally, there is an on-site liquor store and a bar.

Run with the Nuns In the middle of October every year, the Run with the Nuns biker event is held in Shreveport, Louisiana. The event is host to a guided motorcycle ride, games, live auctions, T-shirts, a pancake breakfast and more. All of the accumulated proceeds will. benefit specific health programs for children including hospital centers, child abuse centers, and health fitness programs specifically designed for Louisiana youngsters.

Son of the Beach Motorcycle Rally Along the Veterans Memorial Highway, in Eunice, Louisiana, the annual Son of the Beach biker event is held in the middle of every August. It offers an exciting poker run, motorcycle games, beach games, and an enormous amount of outdoor activities.

The Annual Swamp Rally Enjoy southern Louisiana like never before. The Annual Swamp Rally is held every October in New Iberia, Louisiana. It hosts local live bands, motorcycle games, local food, vendors, and a fundraiser that turns over all proceeds to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Every passionate motorcycle rider should experience this rare motorcycle event deep in the bayous of southern Louisiana.

Ride for Kids Every May, in Alexandria, Louisiana, hundreds of motorcyclists arrive to enjoy the scenic beauty of Louisiana’s southern countryside. The Louisiana event provides breakfast and lunch, along with free beverages, and every model and make of motorcycle are welcome. All proceeds benefit medical research and local programs focused on family support.

Participating in any of these outdoor events is a great way to see the back hills of Louisiana. Most of the byways and trails located throughout the northern and southern parts of the state offer a unique adventure to out of state visitors and local residents. Now is the time to visit southern Louisiana, where you can enjoy motorcycle riding in some of the most beautiful countryside in North America.

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