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Outstanding Year-Round Bass Fishing All throughout Louisiana

As professional bass anglers will attest, the bass fishing in southern Louisiana is truly world class. Sometimes weighing in at 20 pounds or more, impressive numbers largemouth bass can be found in numerous southern Louisiana, especially in and around the Venice area located in Plaquemine’s Parish. Its smaller cousin, the smallmouth bass, can weigh about 10 pounds or slightly more. It is known for its impressive jumps and darting runs when landed on the end of a fishing line.

Just Ask the Professionals
If you think that the quality of bass fishing in coastal Louisiana is overrated, just ask the guys that get paid big bucks to catch bass what they think. The Superbowl of bass fishing, the Bassmaster Classic, has been held in Louisiana on 4 separate occasions in part because of the rich diversity of fishing opportunities here in the state.

Seasonal Habits
Both varieties of smallmouth and largemouth bass enjoy water that is warmer, averaging 75°, give or take. This typically means that during the springtime, both varieties of bass will reside in the shallow waters in the early hours of the morning, and just before dusk. They will head out to the deep waters as soon as the sun is penetrating the surface of the water.

The Right Gear
Any experienced angler knows that a largemouth bass will eat nearly anything. However, the smallmouth bass is required to consume smaller bait due to its mouth opening limitations. Both varieties of bass are ruthless predators. Because of that, the angler can use a variety of baits that include crawdads, fish, and frogs, along with tackle such as plastic worms, spoons, crank baits, spinners and surface plugs.

During the winter months, largemouth bass enjoy all types of pork bait. It is during the summertime that smallmouth bass are easily lured with any type of crawfish bait. Nearly every time of the year, minnows prove to be the ideal bait for both the largemouth and the smallmouth varieties.

The Best Jigs
The life of a largemouth and smallmouth bass are all about hiding, while preparing for the next ambush of their unsuspecting prey. Typically, any jig in the shape of a football works best for both smallmouth and largemouth bass along an underwater drop-off, at the edge of deep grass, or around wood pilings or other underwater structures. This type of jig will likely stay in an upright position when it reaches the bottom, and provides a natural attraction as it moves about with the current as the bait is dragged at a continuous speed.

Bayou Black
Not all types of bass fishing in the state requires you to own a boat, as there are phenomenal lakes and river fishing spots that can provide for bank fishing. Situated just a few miles south of the town of Houma Louisiana, Bayou Black is one of the more phenomenal locations in southern Louisiana for catching bass. Known for its early spawning season, Bayou Black has the ideal water temperatures for bass nearly year-round.

Atchafalaya Basin
Some of the richest bass fishing in the state can be found in the Atchafalaya Basin swamplands in south-central Louisiana. This rich wetland is full of the waters flowing out of the Mississippi Delta, and is a vast floodwater system filled with lunker largemouth. Seasoned bass anglers understand that the water level of the Atchafalaya Basin is the ideal indicator of detecting the opportune times for catching bass. While bass fishing in southern Louisiana is good throughout the year in the Atchafalaya Basin, March, April in the early part of May are considered the best times to fish. This is the time of the year just before the high water levels moving down from the Mississippi raise the water height of the basin.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass offer unique fishing adventures for the experienced and inexperienced angler. Because of the Louisiana weather conditions year-round, anglers of every gender, age, and culture can find many opportunities to catch bass in thousands of areas all along the Louisiana coastline.


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