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Terrebonne Parish

Following the scenic route along US Hwy 90, Louisiana, adventure seekers will find themselves immersed in the hospitality of the Bayou Cajuns of Houma. The early settlers to this area named the parish Terrebonne, or "good earth." Throughout the city of Houma and its surrounding communities, visitors will discover many good things: good people, good food and good times.

Come discover the joie de vivre, or love of life that's ingrained into every aspect of our centuries-old culture.  You'll experience it at our two-week long Cajun Mardi Gras celebration.  You'll see it in our boisterous fetes, festivals and fais do dos.  You'll hear it resonate within our colorful Cajun language and distinctive music; and you'll taste its rich flavor in our world-famous Cajun cooking.

Cajunicity is that uniqueness, that rarity that defines us as a whole - as a people, a culture, a community.  It originates from our unbridled love of life, music, food an camaraderie and it's woven itself into a rich, robust and sometime unexpected tapestry of life found nowhere else on earth.

In Houma you just don't see the sights, you beome part of them when you climb aboard a swamp tour and come face to face with the unusual, the exotic and ferocious.  Or when you explore our centuries-old Cajun history and heritage that you will find in our plantation homes, dancehalls, museums and festivals.  
Our Gulf Coast location and liberal catch limits makes for the best and most diverse fishing found anywhere in the world.  Houma offers both the expert and amateur angler alike a bountiful, unique and diverse fishing oasis. There are numerous charter services ready to outfit visitors with everything they need. The community of Cocodrie is a fisherman's paradise!
Leave civilization behind and enter the domain of the wild on an authentic Louisiana swamp tour. 
Located on the southernmost tip of the Mississippi River flyway, Houma is a birdwatcher's paradise. 
Uncover Houma's rich and colorful 300-year-old history and heritage. 

Parish Area

2080 sq. miles
1255 sq. miles
825 sq. miles
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