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Hiking Along Louisiana’s Coast

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Often times, when individuals think of coastal Louisiana, it is all about the food and the music. However, that is not everything that the coastal communities of our great state can provide!

Recognized as America’s Paradise for sportsmen, Louisiana has some of the most beautiful national refuges and state parks you will find anywhere across the continental United States. While hunters and anglers have long known about Louisiana’s amazing ecological diversity, hikers are just beginning to find the many inviting hiking trails located all across the state.

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Hiking throughout Louisiana can happen every month of the year. However, the springtime, with phenomenal weather, along with blooming azaleas and magnolias, offers an amazing backdrop for the natural wildlife and hundreds of bird species.

Creole Nature Trail

Hikers can enjoy the Creole Nature Trail, just south of I-10 south of Lake Charles. This spectacular trail is often referred to as the outback of Louisiana. It meanders along the Gulf Coast, and up to the prairies and marshes just outside of Sulfur and Lake Charles. Every year, bird watchers take to the Creole Nature Trail to see many species up close in their natural habitats, or while migrating north or south of the Gulf of Mexico.

Fountainbleau State Park and Jean Lafitte Park

Situated to the east of Mandeville, and the Causeway Bridge on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, Fountainebleau State Park is one of the most natural settings in south Louisiana. At 2800 acres in size, this park is home to Louisiana wildlife and migrating birds. It offers the ideal outdoor environment where hikers can enjoy the diverse ecosystems and natural wildlife habitats along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain.

As a national historic preserve, the Jean Lafitte Park offers some of the most unique cultural and historical riches of southern Louisiana. Located just outside of Marrero Louisiana, this national preserve has well-maintained boardwalks and trails that are ideal for short day hikes. Hikers can experience all types of natural wildlife including lizards, raccoons, alligators, nutria (rats), wild pigs, swamp turtles and much more.

A hiking adventure in Jean Lafitte Park provides an observation experience, and a place to spot many bird species. Because it is a nature preserve, it is marked with signposts detailing significant historical and scientific information along the park’s marshes, natural levees, and swamps.

Bayou Segnette and St. Bernard State Parks

These two state parks were hit hardest by the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina. However, in the years since, work has been done to restore their natural beauty. Bayou Segnette has reopened many of the most amazing marshland hiking trails in the state. Visitors also have access to a huge boat launch, and available cabins and camping sites.

Situated just a few miles away from the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) in the heart of New Orleans, is one of the most scenic state parks. It is home to an amazing 350-acre beautiful park situated along the Mississippi River. It hosts a swimming pool, camping sites, and unique hiking trails.

Louisiana offers an amazing diversity of wildlife, plant life and terrain to enrich every hiker’s experience while outdoors. Many out-of-state visitors come from all over to enjoy the unique experience of hiking in dense forests and one-of-a-kind marsh and woodland environments.

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