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Parks & Trails

Exploring the Louisiana Coast leads to exciting new adventures. Pioneer the murky marshes of Louisiana on an exhilarating swamp tour. Journey off the beaten path to experience the unmatched natural beauty of Louisiana’s State Parks, historic sites, and preservation areas Along the sprawling Louisiana Coast, there are 20 National Wildlife Refuges and State Parks where you can enjoy world-class fishing, hiking through historic grounds, reliving famous battles, two-stepping to Louisiana music, or camping under the stars along a picturesque shoreline. 

While visiting, enjoy our unique culinary trail. Across the Louisiana Coast, you can experience out delectable, world-renown cuisine. A recent scientific study ranked Louisiana as the nation’s happiest state, and our menu of magnificent foods is good reason to make you smile. Pull up a chair and join us for bite. The Louisiana Coast is ready to host you for an unforgettable dining experience.

Terrebonne Parish
5306 North Bayou Black Drive
Gibson, LA 70356
Phone: 985-575-3676


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