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Louisiana’s Scenic Byways Info

A Great Way to Travel the Louisiana Coastline

Every scenic byway that meanders through Louisiana offers a unique way to explore the state. Driving along the scenic roadways provides the opportunity to experience the long history of Louisiana while viewing some of the most spectacular scenic sites in the South.

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The South West Cajun Corridor

The Louisiana byways were created to show off many of the unique attributes of the state including its diversity of cultures, music and food. Without a doubt, the Cajun corridor byway located along the southwestern portion of Louisiana offers some of the best examples of local seafood and fresh water fish.

Here, you will find “boudin”, the hot, delectable sausage that is only produced in this region. Additionally, you will have access to local crawfish etouffee, which is one of the most delicious seafood stews available in the region. This beautiful corridor meanders through 33 miles of some of the most spectacular areas of Louisiana.

The Great River Road Byway

While you are heading down to the Louisiana coastline, consider taking the Great River Road byway. This beautiful route meanders along with the Mississippi River for well over 700 miles, as it makes its way past the state capital (Baton Rouge), into New Orleans, and past many historic communities that include St. Francisville. Along the route, you will find some of the best bed and breakfast lodges, antique shops, museums, water parks, and restaurants offering traditional red beans and rice and po’boy (poor boy) sandwiches. This entire scenic route is rich with history from the beginning to the end.

Zydeco Cajun Prairie Trail

At over 230 miles long, this scenic byway starts in Mamou, a small community known for its Cajun dancing and music. It is also home to the Cajun Music Museum and Hall of Fame. Along the way, be sure to stop in the local communities including Crowley, Eunice, Washington, Church Point, Rayne, and Opelousas. This entire trip can take up to two days or longer, as you drive through Arcadia, Evangeline, and St. Landry parishes (counties) and stop along the many historic districts, picturesque waterways and lakes, and the rich recreation areas. You will also find a multitude of agricultural lands, open prairies and woodlands.

The Wetlands Cultural Byway

No trip to southern Louisiana would be complete without traveling along the Wetlands Cultural Byway. This wild, vast wetland is home to many spectacular sights including the numerous shrimp boats that make their way home into the harbor at dusk. While traveling, most visitors are surrounded by the natural wet environment along the trail. Thousands of cypress trees offer a unique glimpse to much of the Bayou swamps that make up this area. You will visit some of the cabins that were built back in the late 1800s that served as the homes of many individuals working for the local sugar mill and sugar plantations.

While it is great to make it to the Louisiana coastline, there are rich and rewarding experiences along the way. Take the time to visit all the unique stops along many of the byways that wind through Louisiana.

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